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Doing Our Part Towards Sustainability

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The Plastic Recycling Industry

“Years ago, I thought about doing something to help with saving the environment from plastic pollution. So, I did some research online and found this organisation to understand more deeply about the recycling industry.

Introducing... Brothers and sisters from the Tzu Chi family! They are a part of the many volunteers who dedicate their time and energy at the Sungai Nibong Tzu Chi recycling centre 4 days a week to separate the trash (in a detailed manner) brought in by equally environment-conscious individuals. It is a delightful experience for me during the very few times I volunteered as everyone here takes care of and respect each other. They are also willing to share knowledge and information when u ask for it. When you get tired of your work, you may help yourself with the donated coffee and biscuits too.


At present, the older generation seems to be doing all the hard work of collecting these items to be recycled in turn for livelihood money. We mostly see frail-looking aunties and uncles collecting unwanted items on their bicycle to be sold for very little money while the rest of us produce more trash and enjoy our lives.


These individuals deserve more appreciation for the time and effort they put in the work they do. It is time we turn recycling into sustainable work by getting these individuals paid.


Apart from the myriad of electronic gadgets that are intricately taken apart and many other recyclable items, there are still some types of plastic that are not recycled and it is polluting our rivers and oceans and killing our wildlife. What's worse is that it is also a bit confusing to the average person to identify the many types of plastic.


We need to get down and get our hands dirty if we are serious about saving Mother Earth. These plastics should be stopped from being further produced as we cleanup the existing ones and replace them with biodegradable versions.


The best possible option now for existing used and unwanted plastics is to turn them back to oil to be used as fuel. Burning this fuel produces carbon dioxide which can be dealt with by planting more trees. The result is reduced plastic pollution and more lives saved.”

Join Us in the Fight Against Plastic Pollution

At Plastic Repurposed, we pride ourselves on being co-worker owned, making it our mission to lead the charge in environmental sustainability. Our company was started by a group of passionate volunteers who would conduct beach cleanups to protect our oceans and wildlife. We are strong advocates of mindfulness, a circular economy, planting more greens and implementing ESG strategies to ensure a better future for our planet. We believe in making a positive impact and leaving the world a better place than we found it. 

Before we forget, we are also looking forward to serve as one of the platforms to create more inquisitive thought leaders as STARS! ;p


Plastic Repurposed is a musically inclined Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) that provides practical solutions to a major environmental problem. Our team works to upcycle plastic waste (particularly PE and PP) into fuel to tackle the issue of environmental plastic pollution.

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